About Sempre Opera

Sempre Opera is a professional, non-profit opera company devoted to create full length opera productions of exceptional artistic standard. We are committed to building a company with a reputation for presenting operas in a bid to make true opera accessible to South African audiences not only in the metros, but also in rural areas.
To create full length opera productions of exceptional artistic standard.
To create a platform through which opera can be promoted in all its forms throughout South Africa.
Sempre Opera’s purpose is to:

– Create an opportunity for established artists to practice their art form
– Create an opportunity for students of opera to build a repertoire
– Create an educational opportunity to involve local tertiary institutions’ training students in opera opera theatre and related subject fields
– Promote opera as an art form
– Generate the community’s interest and encourage education in opera
– Educate and develop opera audiences

In order to realize the above-mentioned objectives Sempre Opera has set the following aims:

– Research, develop and maintain a ‘voice bank’ of South African opera singers
– Set up and maintain a Trust Fund managed by reputable trustees
– Research, develop and execute a campaign to raise awareness for Sempre Opera’s objectives
– Establish and maintain relationships with sponsors